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Spirit House

What started as a grassy paddock to a garden shop and finally a world-class restaurant is the result of many years hard work by a local Sunshine Coast family.

Yandina on the Sunshine Coast is home to Spirit House - the Thai restaurant and cooking school renowned for being one of Australia’s most amazing dining experiences.

Founders Helen and Peter Brierty wanted to create something unique, a place that would transport visitors to another world, which the Spirit House has been doing for over 20 years. The business continues to innovate and grow with the owners investing heavily in improving the property and sending their staff to Thailand to gain ideas for new dishes and concepts.

Since purchasing the property in 1997, the pair, with the help of family, built the stunning ‘floating’ restaurant and cooking school from the ground up - transforming the once barren paddock into their own slice of Thailand with extensive gardens and alcoves by the lake for patrons to explore.

The Brierty family continues to ensure their parents' legacy live on, continuing their pledge to never stop working and ensuring the Spirit House continues to flourish and remain a must-see Sunshine Coast venue.

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